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Gut Health - All you need to know

When we ask people what they associate with probiotics, the two most common answers are 'good bacteria' and 'the gut'. But what exactly is the gut and what can you do to keep it healthy?

Can Probiotics Really Clear Your Skin?

Every so often, the skin care world gets taken over by trends and ingredients that people suddenly can’t get enough ...

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Get a Flatter Stomach With Probiotics

Whether you’re male or female, when you’re experiencing bloating in your stomach area it can be uncomfortable and annoying. Sometimes ...

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Are Antibiotics Harming Your Gut Health?

To understand why it’s perfectly fine to take probiotics along with antibiotics, it’s important to know: the main difference between ...

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How to Avoid the Flu in 7 Simple Steps

Singapore’s peak flu seasons are between December and February and again between May and July, so now’s the time to ...

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Can’t Fall Asleep? Probiotics Can Help

The internal microbes in our gut are influenced by disruptions to our sleep patterns, but scientists are beginning to realise ...

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5 Ways to Get More Health Benefits From Your Probiotics

The digestive tract is filled with good and bad bacteria. A healthy balance of these, and an important presence of ...

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